This is hands down my favourite go-to meal and it’s incredibly easy to make, especially if you’ve got a rice cooker…alright, enough small talk.

What you’ll need…

-1 cup of uncooked rice (any type)

-2 large carrots

-1 broccoli bunch

-1 red pepper

-4 celery sticks

-2 chive stalks

-2 frozen basa filets or 4 palm sized servings of protein you enjoy (simply skip this is you’d like a vegetarian meal)

-1 cup full fat coconut milk

-A few pinches of curry powder


1. Throw your basa in the oven on a cooking sheet at around 400 degrees for 25ish minutes - Personally I don’t ‘preheat’ the oven, throw your food in right away and it will cook quicker

2. Throw your cup of uncooked rice in your rice cooker with 2 cups of water and flip that switch

3. Slice up all of your veggies and toss them in the rice cooker on top of your rice in the order that they’re listed above – this is due to cooking time i.e. carrots need more heat to cook than celery

4. Once your basa is cooked and your rice cooker dings throw both in a big pan and turn it on low heat

5. Add your cup of coconut milk and curry powder as well as salt and pepper for taste if you’d like

6. Stir that thang up and dinner is served

Minimal hands on cooking time and minimal clean up!

This recipe is super versatile so next time if you’d like something similar but a little different just switch up the veggies you use or swap out the basa for a different protein source. Spice wise you can use anything really and if you’re over rice try yams or potatoes. The coco milk is swappable as well, you can use olive oil but just be sure to adjust the portion because a cup of olive oil would completely drown out your meal!

I’d encourage you to ‘play’ with the ingredients in this recipe or any recipe for that matter. Tailor it to your eating preferences, goals and portions and what looks like one recipe can turn into five no problemo!