Marcus Sidhu, CSEP-CPT

Founder & Fat Loss Coach

Oh hi! I'm a former chubster and the dude behind N1 Fitness. I was the first official N1 transformation and my mission is to show you step-by-step how to lose fat, improve your energy and perform your absolute best every single day!

I studied Human Kinetics at Capilano University and have now coached well over 300 people just like you to achieve their fat loss goals more effectively than they ever thought was possible! You can check out some of my client results HERE!

I know exactly what it’s like to feel uncomfortable in your own skin, unhappy when you look in the mirror and lacking the energy to do the things you enjoy most because I’ve been there myself. There’s photo evidence below if ya wanna see my before and after!

By working with me and following my step-by-step proven approach to fat loss together, you’ll be looking, feeling, and performing your absolute best day in and day out!

My 50 lb Journey...