Pancakes are absolutely delicious but unfortunately a lot of folks don’t tolerate some of the ingredients all that well and/or don’t want the caloric load via all the regular fixings…so here’s an incredibly easy alternative option for ya to try instead!

-2 whole eggs

-1 banana

*The above portion serves one comfortably so double, triple or even quadruple the portions if you’re making breaky for a group.

1. Throw your 2 whole eggs in a blender along with a banana and blend away.

2. Once you’ve got your delicious smelling mixture, throw some coconut oil or butter down in a medium heated pan and either pour small pancakes or one big ass one (my preferred method).

3.  Flip when needed and you’re set, that’s it!

Optional Adds:




If you like a little more added flavour feel free to toss in some of the optional adds above. Personally I like to put cinnamon right in the blender so the distribution is on point…I’m an even distribution kinda guy or as my family calls it, OCD.

You can also chuck any fruit of your choosing in your cakes while they cook and top them with stevia for added sweetness once they’re ready to eat.

If you’re pressed for time in the morning you can either put the blended ingredients in the fridge the night before or just simply cook them the evening prior…they’re probably not going to taste quite as good reheated in the morning, however convenience is key and so is that extra few minutes of sleep!


If your daily calorie requirements can accommodate some additional fat, a small handful of nuts or a thin layer of nut butter (peanut, almond, cashew etc.) adds a great taste and texture to this dish too!