Who Is Our Challenge For?

-People who are serious about getting results

-People who are looking for a fat loss kickstart

-People who don’t have the time, but want highly effective fat loss methods

-People who thrive with community-based fat loss support

Who Is Our Challenge Not For?

-People who are not open to changes in their lifestyle

-People who are looking for the latest fad or quick-fix

-People who are not serious about getting results

-People who want 1-on-1 fat loss coaching (if you want 1-on-1 support CLICK HERE)

-Vegetarians and Vegans (Pescatarians & Lacto-Ovo vegetarians are exceptions, however food options are limited for these folks)

What’s Included?


30-Day Challenge

What’s Included:

-Nutrition: What to eat, what not to eat, how much to eat and when

-Workouts: Gym-based and at-home workouts

-Sleep: When to sleep, how much to sleep and how to get the best quality sleep possible

-Stress Management: Daily tips, recommendations and actionable tools

-Unlimited community support

-Habit integration and community accountability

-Starter recipes

-Eating out cheatsheet: What to order, what not to order and how to make adjustments on the fly

-Weekly checklists to track nutrition, workouts, sleep and stress management