Marcus Sidhu - CSEP-CPT

Founder & Fat Loss Coach

Oh hi! I'm a former chubster and the dude behind N1 Fitness. I was the first official N1 trial and my mission is to integrate nutrition, movement, sleep and stress management into your daily life in the most effective way possible!

N1 Fitness was created on the foundation that YOU have control over how you look, the way you feel, how you’d like to perform and ultimately who you want to be. Each and every one of us can be great in our own right, N1 Fitness is about striving to be the best version of yourself each and every day!

Marcus has a Human Kinetics Diploma under his belt along with a CSEP-CPT Personal Training Certification, which means he can explain how food, movement, sleep and managing stress can change your life!

My 55 lb Journey...